0.5.0 (2019-07-22)

Changes since 0.4.4 (2019-05-13).

Special Attention

New Features

  • #18: Implemented comprehensive sequence normalization (trim, left, right, expand/voca, vcf) [36785fa] (Reece Hart)

  • #20: implement hex-based digests à la refget [140a20e] (Reece Hart)

  • Add support for cytobands, incl data files from UCSC [0ba4361] (Reece Hart)

  • Added accessions.py:coerce_namespace() [e31e592] (Reece Hart)

Internal and Developer Changes

  • Added pytest-optional-tests; use test alias in Makefile [ba9b993] (Reece Hart)

  • Added trinuc normalization tests [cfe3a68] (Reece Hart)

  • Added vcrpy to test requirements [95893f1] (Reece Hart)

  • Moved source to src/; updated setup.cfg [ff45fb0] (Reece Hart)

  • Removed pip install from tox in favor of deps [8c8f91a] (Reece Hart)

  • Renamed doc → docs [1612e5c] (Reece Hart)

  • Store assemblies as compressed json [ea79e71] (Reece Hart)

  • Update tests to use new vcr cassettes on optional tests (much faster!) [2001745] (Reece Hart)